Part I — The Virus, its Variants and Vaccination.


Widespread pandemics have hit civilisation about once every 80 years or so since ancient times. The first recorded pandemic, the Plague of Athens, occurred around 426 BCE. In December 2019, as if to mark the centenary of the devastating 1918 Flu, a ‘pneumonia of unknown origin’ emerged in Central China.

The mechanism for life on earth is so simple and so spontaneous that it is both hard to believe that it could have happened (how could it be that simple?) and at the same time, hard to believe that it could not have happened many times before in the universe. Yet that code that controls the expression of life can sometimes go wrong. It then drives the expression of disease. This article begins a series that explores recent discoveries in genomic science that now have the potential to cure patients of disease with a single injection.

Shortly after the day on earth when life first arose, a need emerged for that life to copy itself. Life that cannot repeat cannot exist. Those very first life forms on earth were microbes. Today, some 3.5 billion years after they first formed and designed a way to replicate, there…

Kris Vette

Explaining how emerging technologies will integrate into society.

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